The Monalin management team comprises of two directors, one of whom is a qualified Chartered Accountant and the other a qualified Accounting Technicians and a qualified Tax Technician.

David Newsome, a chartered accountant managing director of Monalin. In 1995 David joined Ernst & Young’s trust services business in the Isle of Man and managed a portfolio of in excess of 100 clients for 3 years. David returned to Ireland in 1998 and with Donald Ogilvy Watson established Ashbourne Commercial Property Ltd.  In 1999, following a request from Ernst & Young Dublin, David set up Monalin and is a director of most of the client companies.

Pauline Kennedy, an accounting technician and tax technician, has over 16 years experience in management and administration starting with Regis Europe. Pauline moved to an accounting practice in 2001 where she managed her own portfolio of clients and joined Monalin in 2004. Pauline is a director of Monalin, a director of a number of the client companies and is responsible for the day to day operations of Monalin.

Patricia Glynn, an accounting technician, has over 10 years experience in administrative and accounting roles. Patricia moved to an accounting practice in 2002, followed by a period in two multinational companies, before joining Monalin in 2007. Patricia is a senior administrator in Monalin, and an employee of a number of the client companies.